What’s next in the Portland City Charter Review Process

The City of Portland convened a charter review commission to update the city charter in 2020. The charter is the document empowers city officials to do their work and outlines what that work should be. On June 14, the charter review commission voted to send a single ballot measure to voters that includes three major changes to local government:… Continue reading What’s next in the Portland City Charter Review Process

Defund the narrative

The “Portland Police have been defunded!” talking point is really absurd and needs to stop The title of this piece gives away the game, I guess. But it’s a really silly game. The “defund” narrative has been used to attack or support various political candidates, characterize the residents of Portland in the national press, and… Continue reading Defund the narrative

Early summer election nuts and bolts

Early summer can seem like a quiet time for political campaigns. The primary season is over and campaigns for the general election are only just getting started. But while there may be fewer visible campaign activities going on right now, there’s a lot happening on the procedural level — steps that must be completed as… Continue reading Early summer election nuts and bolts

Updates to PDX.Vote’s schedule

Over the past six months, I’ve published a lot of information about elections in and around Portland. I’ve also kept some notes about what’s working and what isn’t. Some initial statistics: To date, just over 4,900 people have visited PDX.Vote. The site has earned $420 from subscribers. Currently, monthly recurring revenue is $70. So far… Continue reading Updates to PDX.Vote’s schedule

State of the Ballot — June

With this post, I’m officially back from my post-primary hiatus. I’ll get into the results, as well as look at upcoming elections. I’ll also be posting a separate update on some small changes to the website, now that PDX.Vote has been up for over six months! Primary results are finally in We’re pretty sure we… Continue reading State of the Ballot — June