2022 general election results

You can see results for elections in Oregon at results.oregonvotes.gov. I’m not going to post individual results: the State of Oregon’s results page is the most reliable source of such information and I encourage you to check race outcomes there. I am going to check in a couple of specific races below, however. The timeline for… Continue reading 2022 general election results

Are you registered to vote? Time to check

As of today, there’s just sixty days until the general election ending November 8. If you’re planning to vote, you’ll want to double check your voter registration, ideally before the end of September. The deadline to register to vote, change party affiliation, or to update your address is Tuesday, October 18. Technically, you’re able to update… Continue reading Are you registered to vote? Time to check

Unofficial results of the August special election

While official results won’t be available until September 19, the Clackamas County Election Office reported yesterday that they’ve tallied all ballots that were submitted so far for the August special election. Voter turnout was over 17 percent. There are a few ways that the final count could change: Any ballots postmarked on or before August 23 and… Continue reading Unofficial results of the August special election

Early summer election nuts and bolts

Early summer can seem like a quiet time for political campaigns. The primary season is over and campaigns for the general election are only just getting started. But while there may be fewer visible campaign activities going on right now, there’s a lot happening on the procedural level — steps that must be completed as… Continue reading Early summer election nuts and bolts

State of the Ballot — June

With this post, I’m officially back from my post-primary hiatus. I’ll get into the results, as well as look at upcoming elections. I’ll also be posting a separate update on some small changes to the website, now that PDX.Vote has been up for over six months! Primary results are finally in We’re pretty sure we… Continue reading State of the Ballot — June