Interested in contributing to PDX.Vote?

PDX.Vote is covering elections in 2022 that impact Portland-area residents (including state-level elections and elections happening in other parts of Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties). The site leans left, though individual contributors don’t necessarily have any particular political affiliations. I’m looking for pitches for articles looking at Portland-area politics. Please send pitches through the contact form at

I’m especially interested in pitches that cover important issues and how upcoming elections may or may not impact those issues. Some issues I’m looking for articles about are housing access, police violence, and COVID-19 responses.

Please send pitches — not finished pieces. Recorded pitches are welcome in additional to written pitches. I’m publishing a max of four longer pieces (750 to 3,000 words) per month, so I don’t want anyone to write anything I can’t promise to publish. Rates start at $250 and go up for articles requiring substantial research. I’m also open to videos, comics, and other media, but will require a written script as part of the publication process. In the pitch, please highlight any personal experiences or expertise that connects to the article you’re pitching. I’m prioritizing pieces from people from backgrounds different than mine, so please highlight any parts of your identity you’re comfortable sharing in your pitch.

While I’m always excited to work with writers and other media creators who haven’t been published before, I find examples of your work helpful — even if it’s a personal project that hasn’t been through an editorial process.