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PDX.Vote depends on reader support to publish political news from Portland, Oregon. Please consider making either a one-time contribution or a monthly recurring contribution, based on your financial capacity.

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How will money be used?

Funds contributed to PDX.Vote are used to cover the costs of operating the site, including:

  • Web hosting
  • Media subscriptions
  • Contributor pay

PDX.Vote’s income and expenses are visible on the Financials page.

How does PDX.Vote store financial information?

PDX.Vote doesn’t store financial information. We use Stripe to manage payments and Stripe stores financial information. Stripe provides high-level protection on the financial data they collect (described in detail here).

How can you manage your recurring payments?

If you make a monthly contribution, you will receive an email when you set up your initial payment. Please save this email — it contains a link you can use to cancel your recurring contribution if you need to do so.

If you no longer have that sign-up message and need to cancel your contribution, please contact PDX.Vote and provide the email address you used when starting your contribution. A manual cancellation request may take up to three business days to complete (PDX.Vote currently has a staff of just one person and that person appreciates your patience in these situations).