Voter turnout just below 10% statewide

Black text on a gray background with light green lines and the PDX.Vote logo in the corner. The text reads "PDX Voter Turnout. Wednesday May 11. County / Ballots Returned to Date / Percentage of Eligible Ballots. Multnomah, 50130, 8.99%. Clackamas, 30757, 10.0%. Washington, 38324, 10.0%. 6 days left to return your ballot!"

Based on ballot returns through Tuesday, May 10, 9.8% of ballots statewide have been returned so far for the May primary. That’s a little lower than in past midterm primaries. In 2018, Multnomah County had already returned 10.44% of ballots with six days left until the end of the election.

By Thursday Bram

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